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Having evolved from Team MultiFun, champion of the prestigious Airbus FYI 2015, MultiFun Co has retained the entire core team as co-founders, presided by the academic mentor. It has further expanded through the inclusion of advisors with enormous experience in various aspects of technology and business, to complement the core team’s established background in aerospace engineering & design of multifunctional composite structures. Also included are a few employees to implement the nitty-gritty of the idea & its transition to a valuable business. 

Pitching Video

MultiFun Co envisages itself as:

  • An innovator of multifunctional composite materials & all associated technologies, including end-to-end hardware & highly-reliable analysis, control & design software;
  • An accelerator of the TRLs of such lab-scale materials;
  • An identifier of the most promising aerospace applications for such advanced composites; & 
  • A developer & marketer of green aerospace solutions for a greener sky & earth.

To start with, the company would convert the award-winning idea into a marketable product. This includes more detailed design & optimization studies followed by prototyping, testing, characterization, validation, intellectual property protection & licensing or selling of both the lead-free piezoelectric fibers & the carbon-core battery fibers as well as their multifunctional composites along with the interfacing circuits for energy recycling, storage & delivery to local low-power electronic loads. Such a comprehensive solution would be made suitable for refurbishing existing aircraft structures, constructed of either metallic alloys or conventional composites. Procedures for eventually recycling the marketed multifunctional composites would also be researched into & provided to the end customers. While prototyping the proposed system, extensive research into cost-effective production of the high-performance multifunctional fibers & their composites will be carried out. Manufacturing techniques will be refined to enhance efficiency, reliability & economics of scale. Dedicated employees with power, electrical & electronics engineering backgrounds will be involved with interfacing & control circuit designs. Alternate applications of the same energy-recycling system to collocated structural health monitoring, vibration control & morphing for enhanced aerodynamic efficiency will be explored in detail to enhance the business proposition, making the magnified market more attractive to investors.